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Well its here. The last wedding of the season and what a beautiful day to end the year. It was a tad chilly but tolerable for outdoor photos. I had a spectacular time with Stephaine & Todd has they tied the knot and really enjoyed the speech her mother gave at the reception. It is something I hope to recall later in life when my children get married as I think the symbolism was really nice.

Love is Like a Streetcar
Like Love, streetcars always stay on track no matter the weather.
Streetcars are capable of opening their doors to make room for people to support the both of you with laughter and love

Love does not conisit of gazing at each other buy looking outward together in the same direction.

She then handed them two Streetcar Tokens.

Congratulations again Stephanie & Todd


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I think if you read back through most of my wedding blogs of the summer you will find that the beginning sentence is something like – “We really lucked out with the weather today” or “the rain held off just enough” or “Yeah…no rain. This year has been a stressful for all my brides. The weather forecast has been totally off – which thankfully has worked in our favor for the most part and Sarah and Iains wedding was no exception. The forecast called for rain, then sun..then rain. It was a breath of fresh air when I woke up to see a sunny day unfold. I met up with the girls in the morning and got some fantastic detail shots. Sarah is a little into Mad Men the TV drama series and she took a lot of her inspiration for her dress and accessories from the show/era. I love that she did because she looked perfect. And the boys…the boys were dressed in traditional Scottish Kilts so they looked (as the Scots would say) smashing, brilliant and all around GREAT!

I had a fantastic time capturing you two…

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I hate rain! Especially when I am shooting a wedding and we can’t use the beautiful park becuase it will be a swamp of mud. This is what happened on Ginette and Jeremys big day. We still got fantastic shots but Ginette really wanted that field shot and Jeremy wanted a shot with this car. We were unable to do both until the following week when I met them on a Gorgeous Saturday (figures eh). It was perfect and I am in love with the images we got.

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Rubina and Aleem were married back in May but we had a few snagged on the day of. First – the weather was awful. It poured throughout the day and cleared only long enough to grab the family shots. Our second issue was our beautiful Bride forgot her dress…1 hour driving distance from the venue…you could say we were a touch delayed.

In the end it was a great day but there was a lack of pictures of the bride and groom. I asked Rubina and Aleem if they would fancy the idea of a retake. They were in and we decided Fall would be a nice time. We were also able to go back to the Liberty Grand for our shoot.

We reschedule once due to rain and today we were determined. It showered on and off but cleared just as we met at the venue. We had a really nice session. Is nice when theres no time limit and you can have fun.

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I LOVE being apart of weddings – which is good..seeing as I am a wedding photographer, but todays wedding was extra special. Today I know the Bride and it was amazing to see her wed Jeremy today.

But we weren’t so lucky with our weather. It wasn’t the nicest day for photos but the awesome wedding party had no fear and braved the rain for great fun pics. We managed through the rain but I’m happy to say that I will be meeting the Ginette and Jeremy for a “finesse the dress” this coming weekend. Be sure to check back for more photos.

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What a fantastic day for a wedding. Friday weddings are fun cuz it’s like you get your own personal long weekend. The sun was shinning and the wind was blowing…and man was it ever a cold wind. My poor bride was freezing but you would never have known. She rocked her wedding pics. Brooklyn the flowergirl was also a joy. Not only does she ham it up for photos..she was my personal little art director letting me know what photos I should take next.

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Christine and Les were such a fun couple to capture. Christine was so chilled out when I arrived in the morning that it set the pace of a smooth sailing day from that point on.

The ceremony was outdoors at the Rotary Club in Brampton and although we had a little weather scare with some dark clouds we made it through without a drop.

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