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Today was my first photos session with smiling eyes. It was such a great experience. I enjoyed meeting all 3 families and capturing some memories for them. Sawyer was my last shoot of the morning. He is still at Sick Kids Hospital but doing well and will hopefully be discharged nest week.

Sawyer is an incredible cute baby. So tiny (currently 4lbs) at 6 weeks old. I met his parents Jackie and Leon who were just as amazing. We were able to get some fantastic shots including the one below where he opened his eyes..looked at the camera – then waved! It was a picture perfect moment and I has honored to be there to capture it.


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William is so sweet and is always keeping an eye on you to see if you watching him. He was full of giggles for mom and really enjoyed big brother teaching him how to jump on chairs and watch for squirrels. Here are some of Williams smiling eyes moments…

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