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Snow Day

So it was a horrible snowy day and buses that weren’t cancelled…still never showed up to pick up the kids. This meant – play day at Trayc’s. I had my kids and our neighbors for the day. As you can image…I will take any excuse to have an improve photo shoot. The girls enjoyed the left over props from our New Year Party.


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The New Years Bash

Good by 2010 – Hello 2011. Good friends, good times…and a lot of unexplained photos.

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Ever since “movember” was named prostate cancer awareness month my lovely husband and male friends have been sporty the stash. This year I was amazed by the website created encouraging men to raise cash by growing their stash. The site is ca.movember.com. and men can team up with friends, co workers etc to raise funds.

My Hubby at his half way point…lookin good babe.

For those interested in supporting my husband and his team mates please visit his Movember Profile:ca.movember.com/mospace/305006/


OK – for all you men out there currently raising funds for Movember are eligiable to win a family portrait session from Photos by Trayc. To Enter the contest you must be:
1. Growing a mustache for Movember
2. Send me your final movember stash picture at the end of the month to: movember.photosbytrayc@gmail.com. Enteries must be recieved by December 4th). Email must have photo attached as well as your NAME, PH #, link to your movember profile.
3. by entering this contest you agree to have your name and photo published on my blog and facebook.
4. Winner will be announced December 6th.
5. Contestant must be able to commute to my Studio located in Brampton, ON. for their photo session.

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What a fun day I had assisting Tara Graham of Tara Graham photography. I went out to the other side of the world…or thats what it can feel like when your going from Brampton to Oshawa but it was well worth the drive to lend a hand. Tara was the featured photographer for the Mama and Chicks show at the Holiday Inn. Along with the show sponsors she was to provide the photo contest for the day. I have never done a trade show like this so I had no idea what to expect. I couldn’t believe all the babies and toddlers. It was adorable…and loud…and adorable some more.

With my own kids out of that toddler stage its nice to get my “awe…so cute” fill for the day with other peoples children.

I really enjoyed my time with Tara and congrats to the Sock monkey Winner!!

Click here to see more about the day and about Tara Graham.

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He’s here…he is finally here. We have been waiting so long to meet little baby Jack and this morning at 5:21 am he was welcomed into world. He is wonderful.

I couldn’t get to the hospital fast enough to meet him and honored to be the first to share his photos with friends and family.

Congrats again Luke and Heather.

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TIFF – Shark City

I went to see the screening of Shark City last Friday evening in a packed out theater. The movie was filmed in Toronto in only 16 days. With Actors Jefferson Brown and David Phillips who play Kenny and Dagen, two thirty-something friends living in New York. Dagen falls in love with the daughter of a mobster (Carlo Rota), the same mobster Kenny has just swindled out of $1 million. The film also features Corey Haim and Vivica A. Fox.

As a friend of David’s I got the opportunity to not only see the movie but attend the after party. I had a blast, met a lot of people (which is always fun when your trying to have a conversation overtop of the loud but very good DJ) and when you carry a camera in an event like this…You can get people to smile, pose and pretty much do whatever you want.

shark city blog

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What an experience this shoot was! A touch crazy…but I love crazy. I was at pre prom party last Thursday and it was great. People just kept arriving…by the limo full and I was quickly running out of space – not too mention the fact that the beautiful sunny weather arrived just as the girls were posed for a group shot. I’ve never seen girls flee into a house faster than this bunch (and they did it all in very high heels).

The hour passed very quickly and it they were soon dashing off into there limos for their big night. Hope you all had a wonderful evening and good luck with your next adventure in life.


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