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Get ready becuase Wellies and Umbrellies is here for March Break.

Cost is 44.25 + tax
Includes 1 mini session
1-8×10, 2-5×7’s 8- wallets

Bring your wellies and rain gear for a fun memorable session (and its not just for kids).
*photosbytrayc has a few wellies and umbrella at the studio.

Special Thanks to my lovely model Coeli


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SWOLE Family/ FUZION workout for ONE VOICE ONE TEAM is being held this coming Saturday March 5th from 1-3pm at Brampton Christian School located at 12480 Hutchinson Farm Lane (note some GPS’s might still show address as 12480 Hurontario (Caledon, Ontario L7C 2B6 (boarder of Brampton/Caledon).

MINIMUM DONATION $10 per person.

Children are welcome to participate.

If you’ve never done Fuzion…don’t let this hold you back from attending. Come and join us while we sweat for a great cause.

So what is One Voice One Team…

I recently met Orlando Bowen director of One Voice One Team while attending the Fuzion workouts with his wife Skye. They told me about the charity and I fell in love. I’m a big supporter of charity organizations throughout the year (Smiling Eyes, Walk for the Cure, Movember) but wanted to find an organization that was local. One that involved the people directly in my community and that is exactly what this is it for me.

I am excited to be supporting One Voice One Team. Photos by Trayc will donate the funds to send one child to camp this year and hopes to encourage others to donate what they can as well. Together we can give amazing memories to our kids.

So grab your sweats and meet me on March 5th.

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I had Coeli come to the studio to be my Wellies and Umbrellies poster girl and tagging along with her was her little brother Cohen….ok I think I should rephrase the word little.

Cohen is all sort of giant awesomeness. I just had to get photos of him. So what do you do with a chunkster like Cohen. You put him in a tire. He loved the tire! Totally could be the next Michelin Tires Baby.

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Getting Ready for VDAY

This weekend is VDAY shoots. I’m having a blast but my favorite so far was the shoot with my own kids. As a photographer/mom you would think I would have tons of awesome pics of my kids in the studio and I do..but its never easy…they whine, and struggle and don’t look at the camera half the time. Its always easier to take portraits of other children other than your own but this shoot was great – maybe they have accepted their fate as photog kids…maybe they knew it was a gift for me. Either way. I got my own kids to look at the camera, smile and hug. Happy Vday to me!

check out the blog later this week to see more VDAY shoots.

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Much Need Time Away

Last week I returned from a much needed family Vacation in Dominican Republic. It was are first real family getaway with our kids. It was such a great week. I miss the sunshine, sand and Jedi Mind Trick drinks courtesy
of of Luc and Antoine the fabulous Bartenders from Montreal. My favorite part of the trip aws begin able to learn Trapeeze. Its not everyday you can attend circus school so I did. It was quite thrilling and hope to someday do it again. Thanks for the great memories Eylse – I will miss you most.

Club Med _ you were beautiful and I hope to return to you soon.


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Call to book your session – 289-325-0589

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Happy Birthday Jack! I can’t believe how fast you are growing up.

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