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Tis the season to be shopping??? This is one thing I hate about Christmas the stress of trying to buy for several family members and friends can be overwhelming…and $$$$$$$$$. I started painting pieces for family members a few years ago and love the fact that we all share a piece from one series. I am now offering this service. I paint a few pieces each year for immediate sale and you can view the series and custom order something in your personal colour tones (earthy tones, vibrant, etc).

These are not replications – these are original art pieces – so no worries of having the same art that everyone else got a Winners or Home sense. These pieces will stand out in any room of your home.

Here are a few of my current Holiday pieces. If you are interested in larger series or a piece or a commission series with more than 4 canvas’s please contact me rates.

Shipping and taxes do apply to all pieces.


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Lillian got herself the best Birthday Gift I could think of…a personal photoshoot. She’s never had one but you would have never known as she was so comfortable infront of the camera. We headed over to Centenial Park Etobicoke and despite the chilly wind it was gorgeous day for a shoot. We even got to head indoor as the green house were we warmed up and found new places for portraits.

The best part for me was when she wanted to pay me I got to tell her that it was already been paid for by a friend.

I hope you had fun and Happy Birthday!

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Katrina is a friend of mine who is expecting her third baby. It was a blast to capture these images for them

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Photo Play Date – Personal

Had friends over to play photos yesterday. It was a much needed play date. Sometimes when we are going full tilt in our careers we need to have a day to get silly and have fun. Yesterday was that day.

The photos of me or that have DGP on them are taken by Elizabeith Beard from Danger Girl Photography. You can view more of her work HERE

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Jack @ 1 month – Newborn

Amazing how time seems to literally disappear when you have a newborn. I was just setting up the studio for a baby shoot when Heather popped in with little Jack…so I naturally used him as my test shot.

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I met Natasha today. Her wonderful boyfriend Sean (whom I went to high school with) bought her what I think is a fantastic Valentines gift…Headshots.
Natasha’s music makes you feel at home, with her warm sultry tones and breathy notes you feel the comfort of simplicity.
I am in love with her CD – take a listen and look for her new single that will be coming out this year.

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This was my first visit to Scottsdale farm in Georgetown but something in me felt as though I must of had a school trip there once. It is a beautiful heritage farm and a photographers dream. I could have spent all day there. I am always looking for locations close to my home town and I am so happy that Sarah and Ben introduced me to this farm. I know it will not be the last time I shoot there.

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